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So why would anyone choose to de-prioritize trust and performance in their culture?

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In this post, we explore a couple of conscious or unconscious missteps that can lead a company down this path. Simply put, money isn't a great motivator. The survey identifies camaraderie and the ability to make a positive impact as more important motivators.

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Matters like hiring, firing, geographic expansions, doing more for customers and mergers. Few management traits are as universally disliked by employees as micromanaging. A Gallup poll found that more than half of all U.

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The direct result is a drain on energy, motivation, and passion, leadership expert Skip Prichard writes. This leads to diminished profits, loss of productivity, and higher employee turnover. Of course, few managers make the conscious decision to micromanage employees. Many managers do so reflexively.

Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

Human performance expert Laura Stack explains that most organizations have long been structured in traditional command-and-control hierarchies. Afraid of the consequences of letting go, they hold on to as much of their power as they can. Regardless of why a boss micromanages employees, however, the end result is the same. In an American Management Association survey , 82 percent of executives said their organizations were often required to implement changes that impact people, processes, and products, and 69 percent said at least one significant change had done so in the previous year.

As a result, why and how the company is changing may be unclear.

99 Totally Serious Ways To Create A Great Work Culture

Another way to characterize culture is to think of it as your brand's personality. Culture is what makes your brand unique and gives it that special edge. It puts your company's soul on display and tells the world who you are as a brand. The more your audience understands and identifies with your brand, the more they'll want to buy from you.

How Not to Build a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture in Your Company

Your customers want to feel a connection with your brand, and it's your culture that will forge this bond. When you define culture, you're also defining your company's values and goals. These will contribute to your company's mission and show your employees and the public what is most important to the brand. In a blog post for Kissmetrics , Zach Bulygo , Kissmetrics' blog manager, writes, "When you put a focus on culture, you'll have guiding principles.

People will know you for this. Employees will live by it. It'll help get you through difficult times.

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You'll base hiring and firing decisions on the principles. It'll help get all employees working on the same company mission. In some sense, it's the glue that keeps the company together. Your employees shouldn't dread coming to work. They should enjoy coming to the office and value the work that they do. Companies with a strong culture have employees who like the challenges of their job, get along well with their co-workers and enjoy the atmosphere of the workplace.

Culture gives employees a driving goal and purpose for what they do. It connects your leadership team with the rest of the employees and binds them with a set of shared beliefs. Your employees want to feel like they are contributing to something larger than themselves. On the SAS website , he says, "Treat employees like they make a difference and they will. Plus, employees who are more enthusiastic about the companies they work for tend to be more productive.

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That means more work and more business being done. Your employees' enthusiasm will also be apparent to your customers and be an attractive selling point for them. As Simon Sinek , author of "Start With Why," writes on Twitter , "Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

While skillsets and experience are important when hiring new members for your organization, you also need to hire for culture fit. An employee's skills may get them in the door, but your culture is what will keep them there. But why?

Today, just Employees who are not engaged do not do their best work and are at risk of leaving your company.